Cedarview Marketing Co.
Feeling lost on the trail?

Sometimes it's hard to be the marketing trailblazer you want to be.

don't hike
it alone.

Does this sound like you?

No Compass

Are the growing number of marketing channels leaving you frazzled and uninspired?

Hiking Alone

Are you a department of one, wishing you had someone with whom you could collaborate some fresh ideas?

Backpack Overload

Is the phrase “wears a lot of hats” part of your job description?

Not Enough Equipment

Do you wonder how to compete with places that have larger marketing staffs and budgets?


Get assistance from an experienced marketing executive.

With over twenty years of marketing experience, Cedarview Marketing Company is here to help small to mid size businesses achieve their marketing initiatives by offering a full boutique of marketing services.

When you hire Cedarview Marketing Company, you’ll get an actual marketing executive, who has worked with real departments, deadlines and budgets.  The best part is, you’ll get this experience for your company at far less cost and risk than hiring another employee.

Hike with us.

Whether it’s a single project, or developing and executing a full marketing plan, let’s hike it together.

  • Writing content for newsletters, social media, direct mail and web pages
  • Graphic design and development of marketing collateral
  • Creating a social media or online lead generation strategy
  • Developing and executing marketing plans and campaigns
  • Coordination of mass media advertising including radio, television and newspaper
  • Interim marketing assistance (due to maternity leave, extended absence, or company reorganization)