How to lose weight… or do marketing… or both.

Marketing is like losing weight.  We all fundamentally know how it works, but it is darn hard to execute the steps.  Recently, I decided that it was time to shed a few pounds and to work on some muscle toning.  (Did you know we can lose approximately 1% of muscle each year after the age of 40?)  Here’s the thing – I know how to lose weight.  Everyone does.  Eat less, eat healthy and move your body.  Usually doing those things will start the weight loss ball rolling.  Yet, I decided to hire a trainer.  I wanted to have someone help me, because even though I know how to lose weight, it’s much easier when you are on the journey with someone else.

The same rings true with marketing.  We all know the basic mix of marketing.  Price, product, promotion and place.  Just like losing weight, it sounds easy, but like the steps to losing weight, each one can be it’s own rabbit hole.

For example, choosing to eat healthy has all it’s own little questions.  Should I eat more carbs, or less?  Is fat good or bad?  Where can I find good recipes?  Will my family eat healthy with me?  Is organic food really that much better for you?

In marketing, each step of the marketing mix also can leave you with lots of questions.  Consider promotion.  What is the defining difference between our product and the competitors?  Who is my target market?  What is the best way to reach our market?  How can we get the most bang for our marketing budget?  How do we get those promotional pieces done?  Can we get it done on time?

In both cases, reaching out for additional support can provide education, accountability, a plan, work efficiencies and positive support.  Why hike it alone?

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